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01 Jan 17

Calendar of aviamodelling competitions in Ukraine for 2017

The planned schedule of competitions on aviamodelling sports in Ukraine for 2017
26 Aug 13

The new model Gee Bee R3

The new F2B model Gee Bee R3 of Yuriy YatsenkoThe new F2B model Gee Bee R3 of Yuriy Yatsenko
The new model, the result of all my experience as the model designer and builder.First example have the weight 1500g with the 76 motor, Span 1500 mm.Model for high...
10 Aug 13

Results of European Control Line Championship 2013 (Hungary) F2A, F2B, F2C, F2D class

European championship control line 2013 Hungary
03 Sep 12

World control line aeromodeling championship 2012 in Bulgaria (photo and results)

World Control Line Championship (Bulgaria 2012)World Control Line Championship (Bulgaria 2012)
12 Dec 09

Site starting!

Welcome to Yuriy and Andrey Yatsenko's information aeromodelling site.Information on different directions of aircraft modelling sports will be given in consequence...