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Aeromodelling aerograph

The aerograph (paint gun) with a wide range of dispersion

Designed and produced by Andrey Yatsenko for most quality model paint, from total covering to the delicate color lines putting. Has 2 points of regulation. The first is the air quality regulation, the second is the quantity of the liquid paint coming. Together with the pressure of the air regulation it gives the possibility to create any range of dispersion for any kind of paint work.
Short inside volume of paint way allows easy aerograph washing. Air pressure for the using is from 1.0, up to 3.5 atmospheres. To be used for acrylic 2 components paint (automobile or aerospace). For the color paint often uses car nitro base paint with the following 2 component acrylic lack covering outside (that is used for car paint).
Used brands are: Dupont, Max Mayer, Novol Optic, Sikkens.
All paints are professional, so it is important to use a respirator for protection of respiratory ways.

Aeromodellind aerograph of Andrey Yatsenko Aeromodellind aerograph of Andrey Yatsenko