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Юрий Яценко
Yuriy Yatsenko
Is a creator of the model “Classic”, “Yakovlev 55”,  “New Classic” and "Gee Bee R3".
“Discovery Retro 60” and  “Discovery Retro 76” engines for C/L aerobatic models.
Also propellers “Discovery Universal” and
control handles.
E-mail: yuriy(0)discovery-aeromodels.com
Tel:+38 050 9037391
Андрей Яценко
Andrey Yatsenko
Is a creator of the model “Shark, Mace R2”, "Shark Ellipse" and "Shark Ellipse 2".
He produces also aerographs for the model paint.
E-mail: discovery(0)irpin.com
Tel: +38 066 1073808