The new model Gee Bee R3

26 August 2013

The new model, the result of all my experience as the model designer and builder.

First example have the weight 1500g with the 76 motor,  Span 1500 mm.

Model for high sport result.. Do not consist nothing superfluous. Total function sport weapon.
My most harmonious model in flight.  Fly better, than looks.

The new F2B model Gee Bee R3 of Yuriy Yatsenko The new F2B model Gee Bee R3 of Yuriy Yatsenko


Site starting!

12 December 2009

Welcome to Yuriy and Andrey Yatsenko's information aeromodelling site.

Information on different directions of aircraft modelling sports will be given in consequence on this resource.

From this point a site will be gradually filled with information that will be very useful not only for C/L aerobatic aeromodellers, but also for sportsmen of other models classes.

Articles, books, drawings, addresses of the organisations, clubs, places of trainings, the information about where it is possible to get the necessary materials and details for building and piloting models, results and reports from competitions, and many other things will be placed here.